Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kaleidoscopes- More Fun with your Images

Here is another fun Photoshop plugin!  Kaleidoscope 2.1   This is a FREE PS plugin!   Take any image into PS and convert is to 8 bit if it is 16 bit. Pull down the Filter menu and pick Mehdi-
Kaleidoscope and the fun begins.  There are endless combinations and even dice to try your luck!   
Just about any subject can make a good kaleidoscope.  I have found that the best  images to use are those that have some contrast and color.

Building images work well especially if there is some color but a relatively boring building image can make a very interesting kaleidoscope.  
So download this free plugin and give it a try!  I know you will have fun!
For more of my Kaleidoscopes, check out my website.


That's all for now!
Turn that canera on!

Lynn W.

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