Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fractalius! A Plug-In That's Fun!

There are so many Plug-ins out there but some are just fun!  I heard about Fractalius from Artie Morris.   He showed some samples done by Denise Ippolito, as well as her tutorial.  I decided to give it a try and it was just too much! 
  It works great with birds & animals!

Some photos look better as Fractal abstracts than as a realistic photo!
It works great on subjects that are mostly lines, too.    This is an HDR shown on an earlier post.  I like it better like this!  
I am still experimenting as there are number of options & sliders in the plug-in.  There is one draw back to this plug-in.  It's only for Windows PC's.  

I have added a new gallery on my website, Special Effects, in which I have added some more images using Fractalius.  Try it and have Fun!  Photos don't always have to be realistic and in perfect focus!  That's art! 
That's all for now!

Turn that camera on!


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