Sunday, February 21, 2010

Classic Cars- Another Great Photographic Subject

Classic car shows and sales are a great place to get great images of these American icons.   The trick to getting great car shots is simple!  Get down on your knee(s) & use a wide angle lens!   The big grills and bumpers look so much better when they are viewed from a level that is not normal eye level.  They are exaggerated and wider and give you the character that these old cars have.  You may have to get within 2-3 feet of the car. Shot straight on and at an angle to show the depth of the car along the side.  

I use my tripod with the legs not extended at all.  This is especially critical as I usually shoot 5 images at 5 shutter speeds to combine in Photomatix Pro for HDR.  HDR gives much more detail especially if you have to shot at times in the day when the light is pretty harsh.   I then use Focal Point 2 to blur out the distracting background.  You can use Topaz Adjust or Detail to bring out even more details.  Sometimes I combine the car image with another background (I learned this trick from Deb Sandridge) or texture in Photoshop.  This adds even more interest to the image.  
I have really enjoyed shooting cars since I learned to get down at that lower level!  I can't wait for the next car show/sale to come along!  Check out more of my car images on my website

That's all for this week.

Turn that camera on!


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