Monday, March 8, 2010

My First Snow in Many Years!!

I made a business trip to Ohio last week and as luck would have it (not according to the Ohioans) there was still a couple of feet of snow on the ground!  Even though we lived in upper state NY when I was a kid I have not been back up north or anywhere when there was more than a dusting of snow since my family moved to Florida.  So our 2 day trip to the Cleveland area was a chance for me to try my hand at shooting snow images!  I had to use the exposure compensation and do a bit of post processing work.  In the short amount of time I had I was able to get a few shots of Westfield Center, OH.  I small company town about 30 miles from Cleveland.  

It was fairly cold for as Floridian but I ran around and captured some of the quaint buildings and the "SNOW".   

There are a few more images on my website.  
That's all for now.
Turn that camera on!

Lynn W.

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