Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring has Finally Arrived in Florida!

I felt somewhat like a bear coming out of hibernation this weekend, finally, Florida like temperatures and weather!  I decided to make a trip to my favorite local plant nursery to see how they fared through the very cold temperatures we've had and to see if they had any spring flowers to shoot.   

Kerby's Nursery in Seffner, FL is turning 30 years old next week!  It is a family owned nursery.  The kids are running it now and they have gone all out.  If you are in the Tampa area I suggest you check it out.  They are very nice to photographers, especially if you buy a few plants now & then.

Each year they have been bringing in more plant species that are not that common in Florida. Icelandic Poppies are not really a flower you would expect in Florida but they have found a grower that is producing them!  So I get to shoot one of my favorite flowers I remember from my childhood days up north, at least for a few weeks before it gets too hot.

They also try to have unusual varieties of common flowers.  See the strange Pansy below.

They have a large number of other colorful flowering plants.

 Check out your local plant nursery for those spring flowers!

I have added a bunch more images to my Flower Gallery so check it out! 
That's all for now!
Turn that camera on!
Lynn W.

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