Sunday, September 20, 2015

Its Pow Wow Time Again!

The Pow Wow season has started.   There are many small to large pow wows in FL throughout the fall, winter & spring.  

The first one in the Tampa Bay area happened this weekend!    Many more to come!

Check out the schedule on this link....

Here are a few images from the  Back to Odessa Pow Wow!  

Pow wows are colorful, interesting, educational & spiritual.  These events are great for the whole family.  Be ready to walk to check out the vendors and bring chairs to use during the Grand Entry dancing. 

For more images from Odessa click this link: 

That is all for now! 

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  1. Please check you Facebook messages, possibly the "other" folder. You do not have permission to sell the pictures of four dancers on this page. Since these are close up and individual pictures, you are required to have legal consent, which you do not have. Please remove these pictures from being for sale immediately.