Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Short Trip South to Hot Miami!

Last weekend I joined a large group of photographers for Trey Ratcliff's Miami Photowalk.!  I met some S FL folks and even a couple from the Tampa area!    The best part was meeting some of the folks I have met online only, from The Arcanum!   

The Arcanum is a new way to learn & share the photography experience that +Trey Ratcliff , +Peter Giordano  & +Curtis Simmons started about a year ago!   All three of these great guys were in Miami plus +Ollie Dale!  It was great to talk to them and spend some time with them!   

The Arcanum learning experience is based on the Master & Apprentice setup with a one-to-one learning environment but the component even these smart guys did not see coming was the community.   We are literally spread all over the globe and interact with each other as a family.   I started in a cohort of 20 people plus our Master a year ago.  Now I have increased that family to over 100 people, some I have interacted with online only but others I have met in person and even gone on a photo adventure with them.

This experience has been a life changer for me... I have improved my photography & post -processing skills over the past year but I also feel more confident in my work & my art.   I was really surprised when my original Master, +A.D. Wheeler suggested that I apply for the Path of the Protege, which is The Arcanum's training track for future Masters!   I am working my way through the Path now and at the same time I was privileged to be invited by one of the first Arcanum Masters, +Ron Clifford , to join one of the first of two Sphere 2 cohorts,  which are the next level of learning in the Arcanum.   They are the more intense, challenging & focused levels.  

I would encourage all photographers to take a look at The Arcanum for the learning & the community!

Back to Miami for the Photowalk.   If you have never been on a Photowalk with +Trey Ratcliff it is a bit different!  First there are always a lot of photographers, which is fun and a challenge all at once!   Then during the walk Trey will find a spot he particularly likes and he will talk about how he is thinking about shooting that scene.   By the way, Trey is one of the most friendly and sharing people you will ever meet!

We all met at an art gallery in McCormick Place and then walked through downtown to the waterfront park where there is a fountain.   The skyline was pretty awesome from the park.  Then we walked over a couple of blocks and went back to the art gallery.  

They had several drones flying around filming the walk as well as video along the route so they could put together a highlight video.   They have done this at all the walks so the videos for the 13 cities should be pretty cool to watch once they them all done. 

If Trey does this again, I would highly recommend it!  It was a lot of fun!   Maybe next time we can get him to stop in Central Florida!

Here are some of my images from the Miami Photowalk.   The originals and more images can be seen at

That's all for now!  

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