Sunday, July 19, 2015

Downtown Tampa Skyline

Recently, wanting to get some shots of the downtown Tampa skyline, I tried a couple of vantage points that I have not shot from in a while.   

I first tried an early morning shot from the east side of downtown from a building in Ybor City but the cityscape has changed a lot between that point and downtown.  There are more buildings, wires and elevated roads but because the sky was putting on one of it's super cloud shows I was able to get a good image that morning.  

From past experience I knew that the shot from the southwest side of downtown would be unobstructed as the vantage point is along the water on the far side of the channel.   What I was not expecting was a big cloud to the west that blocked the setting sun which I knew would light up the buildings.  But I made the most of what I had and will have to go back again and hope for some sun next time.

Downtown Tampa has done some terrific lighting in the last few years so that their bridges are lit with changing colored lighting every night.   It adds even more color to the very colorful skyline.  

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