Thursday, July 28, 2011

Model Shootout in Downtown Tampa!

Our Meetup group got together on a hot Sunday.  We were split into teams of 3-4 photographers with 1-2 models per group.  We had to fan out in downtown Tampa and work together to each end up with one image to enter in the competition.  When we finished shooting we headed to Dave Cross's new Studio 3 in Oldsmar where we all went through our images, did some quick post processing and chose our best image to submit to Dave Cross, RC Concepcion & Brad Moore to critique.  The cool part of this was we had all the models there looking over our shoulders and commenting while we worked on their images.  They also were there for the critiques.  Several of them said afterwards, it was the best shoot they had done as they learned so much.   The best 3 images were picked and all the members of that photographer's team got some cool prizes from Kelby Training and Menual Art.   It was a hot & educational shoot.  Here are 2 of my images from the shoot.  There are more on my website. Enjoy!

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