Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Model Week - People Photography

After last Sunday's model shoot at the local winery, the same Meet Up group put on a practice model shoot in Ybor City here in Tampa.   Ybor has some back alleys that are "decorated" with graffiti.  So they split the 40 plus photographers in to groups each with a pro and split the models up to sections of the alley.  The photographer groups moved from station to station and the models moved in the opposite direction..   It was controlled chaos but allot of fun and actually quote educational.   Our pro Bryan Leighty, was very informative and helpful.  I, along with the other 5 in my group were able to get some pretty nice shots as a result of Bryan's set up of the speedlights and his softbox.  We were able to quickly move to the next station as we were working with only 1 or 2 speedlights on stands.  Thank you Bryan and all the models!

Then yesterday, I attended a model shoot workshop put on by Robert La Follette. 
Robert gave us some great instruction and then the 6 other students and I got to work with the 8 models
Robert had obtained.  Even though the day was hot and the crowds were huge at Clearwater Beach, we still got some great images!  Thanks to Robert and all the models!

For more models and their shots please check out the "People" gallery at my website.

That's all for now. 
Turn that camera on!

Lynn W

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