Sunday, April 25, 2010

Partly Cloudy with a High Chance of Rain- Perfect for Backyard Photography

Is the weather looking a bit iffy?   Stay at home and use the giant soft box the an overcast day gives you!   Go out into your backyard and make some images of the flowers, insects, etc. that are right there.  

The images attached are flowers I have growing in 
my backyard!   If the conditions are windy, either block the wind or wait until the wind lessens and take a series of images. At least one is bound to be right.

Look for other things in your yard to shoot.  The everyday things around us can be interesting to others especially if we show them from a different perspective. 

Use an overcast sky to diffuse the sunlight to eliminate those harsh shadows that the direct sun gives us.   Colors are richer and it is harder to blowout highlights under these conditions.   This is the cheapest diffuser available!  

So don't let the threat of bad weather keep you inside.  Get out make some images!  Just keep an eye on the sky in case those overcast skies turn in to stormy skies!

Check out my website for more flower images.  

That is all for now!
Turn that camera on!

Lynn W. 

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