Sunday, January 17, 2010

HDR Weekend

Trey Ratcliff and Scott Bourne ( Photofocus ) were in Tampa, FL this weekend showing the tech/scientific and artful sides of HDR (High Dynamic Range).   They shared many of the great HDR (multi and single) images they have made.  Their two different styles of HDR shows that "right" is in the eye of the photographer.  At the Saturday session we had a limited amount of time to actually get out and shoot with the group but I did get a few series that worked out with processing.  These were all shot in and around the Tampa Convention Center.

HDR is one of those techniques that can be a lot of fun.  Not every subject lends itself to HDR but things with details and/or an extreme in lighting seem to work the best.   One of the tricks I learned from Trey was that you can use a single RAW image for subjects that are apt to or are moving.  Animals and people fit this category.  Processing is a little different but you can still get the details you want from most RAW files.

Trey also went through his post processing workflow which he has outlined in his recently published book "A World in HDR".  He also has tutorials on his blog StuckinCustoms

Scott added his sage advise on a number of issues plus kept us going with his wit and prizes.

It was really great to have both of these well known photographers come to Tampa and share  their ideas & knowledge.

I have been making HDR images for over a year now (see my website) but I am looking forward to even better final images as a result of this workshop.

Thank you Trey & Scott.

That's all for now.

Turn that camera on!



  1. Lynn, I am sorry I didn't get to meet you at the workshop. I was there both days and I told someone ealier I was the guy who was walking around in a dazy with information overload. Just a great weekend. I love your work and especially the night shots. It seems when I do a night shot, I get way to much noise, unlike yours which are crystal clear. Of course now that I am turning into a MASKing fool, I have figured some of it out. ANy tips on camera settings, lens, etc etc and processing. Thanks. Here is a link to the shot that Trey and his gang missed. Sunset over Tampa bay. ALso I love old classic cars as well, they make such great HDR subjects.

    Jim Begley

  2. Jim: Thanks for checking out my blog. Those night HDRs are not too hard. I use my 18-70mm lens, my sturdy tripod, my shutter release, ISO 400 or lower, I shoot 5 exposures each 1 stop apart + & -. When I tonemap the HDR image I try to keep the blacks black. The most helpful noise reducer though is Imagenomic's Noiseware Pro, which Trey mentioned.

    I like shooting old cars as well. Since I started using my tripod and getting down on my knees I really like those exaggerated images I am getting. My knees don't like it but you have to get the shot!!

    Thanks again!